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For example, a food processing plant may have input and output tanks and high-temperature cleaning systems connected, but not in estrazioni del lotto luglio 2015 the lirik lagu exo lotto same room or area of the factory.
Every employer shall take appropriate measures to ensure that reconnection of any energy source to work equipment does not expose any person using the equipment to any risk to their health or safety.
Citation needed To protect one or more circuit breakers in an electrical panel, a lockout-tagout device called the Panel Lockout can be used.Lockout/Tagout exists to prevent unexpected start up of the equipment or energy to prevent injury to the employee while servicing.Citation comment gagner grille winamax needed In industrial processes it can be difficult to establish where the appropriate danger sources might.A safety procedure to isolate dangerous equipment and render it inoperative during maintenance or repair work.Gases - poisonous, suffocating, and explosive, steam, gravity - falls from height, falling parts, or mechanisms that work with or against.Citation needed Group lockout edit When two or more people are working on the same or different parts of a larger overall system, there must be multiple holes to lock the device.This applies only if electricity is the only form of hazardous energy to which employees may be exposed.These specifics are provided through industry standards.
If an employer can demonstrate the existence of each of the eight elements listed.147(c 4 i the employer is not required to document the energy control procedure.

Two other osha standards also contain energy control provisions:.269 6 and.333.This exception encompasses many portable hand tools and some cord and plug connected machinery and equipment.Industry Safety Standards in the UK edit There are a few instances across UK regulations that refer to Lockout Tagout indirectly.Spring tension, moving parts - fans, belts, gears, saw blades, and presses, for example, a single industrial device may contain hot fluids, presses, blades, impellers, electrical heaters, conveyor belts with pinch points, moving chains, and ultraviolet light.The safety disconnect ensures the equipment can be isolated and there is less chance of someone turning the power back on if they can see the work going.4 A documented lockout/tagout policy may be requred by government regulations in some jurisdictions, for example in the United States for sites regulated by osha rules.To expand the number of available holes, the lockout device is secured with a folding scissors clamp that has many pairs of padlock holes capable of keeping it closed.
This part of the regulation is more about ensuring that the day to day workplace risks are assessed properly and thoroughly.

The regulations deal with the work equipment and machinery used every day in workplaces and aims to keep people safe wherever equipment and machinery is used at work.