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Crank and slotted lever mechanism wikipedia

crank and slotted lever mechanism wikipedia

The Innovation Special These photos were sent in by a reader from Sweden.
Research has shown that the relationships between problems reported and properties identified may be expressed as follows: Long/spongy pedal Compressibility, up to three times that of glycol based fluids.
If you are replacing hoses as well this isn't an issue - you would fit the hose to the caliper first and then to the body bracket and pipe, but I've changed mine not that long ago.The engine is missing the timing conracts and has some small damage to the exhaust stack, but it otherwise quite clean.Outside The Box, this is not one of those Watzits where we want to know where it came from and who built."If they are good enough for aircraft they are good enough for my MGB" well, yes, but only if you are going to replace them on a routine basis like they are on aircraft - you can't see what is happening to the rubber under.But that doesn't make sense, the shoe adjuster (and the handbrake cable adjuster on the MGB) is used to control that, and it would be almost impossible to balance the hydraulic pressure against the return spring pressure such that the shoes only just cleared the.Thereafter the brakes have always been as expected.
The problem comes when the piston hasn't come back far enough for the primary seal to clear the bypass hole, or the bypass is blocked.

Originally GMC 122, it changed to GMC 150 on Mk2 cars some time before the start of the 77 model year.The second problem is caused by a rectangular extension on the long lever at the pivot end which projects past the short lever.If that works but not if you earth both black/whites as the master then there is a break in at least one of the black/whites between the master and the switch/lamp panel.Both 'bad' pistons noticeably lightened up to something much closer to the 'good' pistons.The 4th circuit is the 1977-on UK spec 'handbrake on' warning which seems different to US cars in that the UK schematics show no loto 50 50 halifax brake balance switch in circuit.Note that weight transfer and hence the likelihood of locking is dependant on the grip between the tyre and the road, not how powerful the brakes are - assuming they are at least powerful enough to lock the wheels.The animation when there is a leak in one circuit is similarly incorrect.The unbushed little end is drilled for lubrication and runs on a silver-steel wrist-pin with alloy endpads.Jamming due to differential expansion in higher temperatures.
UK cars can also suffer from 'continual cranking' problem as above.
A ripped primary seal may develop no pressure at all and the pedal will go straight to the floor (which can also be caused by air in the hydraulics ).

The Leyland Workshop Manual shows the longer fingers facing towards each other (confirmed), the Haynes drawing shows them the same length so is no help, and you can't tell from the photo!
Something to watch here is that unless the flex hose thread starts in exactly the same place on both old and new calipers then when the hose is tightened down the caliper won't be at the correct angle to attach to the swivel axle, and.